Wednesday, October 04, 2006

School daze

I had a call today from Coram’s school. I gather he had been chasing another child around the gym, and refused to leave when asked to return to the classroom. The two aides in the classroom are both injured right now, so they had to get the vice principal to physically remove him from the gym and return him to the class.

They wanted me to come and take him home, but I didn’t get the message right away. By the time I called back, he had settled down. They told me to be prepared to come and get him if he refused to go on the bus.

Thankfully, Coram did get on the bus and come home, and has been in a fantastic mood today.

What I really hate is that I just can’t take a morning off – I have to be reachable at all times.

When you have a small child, say a toddler or a preschooler, parents of older children always say how much easier it will be when your child starts school. Many moms find part time jobs to work during the school hours, or they get regular time to go to the gym, or have coffee with friends. Whatever they do, they are kid-free and worry free for the school day.

With two boys 14 months apart, I was waiting for that break that would come when the kids started school. I don’t think my body ever recovered it’s strength and stamina from back to back pregnancies, back to back sleepless nights and two babies in diapers. I looked forward to some ‘me’ time while the kids were in school. I also looked forward to being able to bring in some income, and alleviate our financial woes.

With Coram, I don’t get that break. I can’t have a job, or be at the gym, or be anywhere where I’m not immediately available to recover my child from a situation that has spun out of control. I don’t know if it would be easier if people hadn’t told me how wonderful it would be. But it’s not. Wonderful, that is.


Jude Goodwin said...

I wish you lived closer. As a grandma who works in her home, I would be available to handle these kinds of calls when mom is at work ...

nudge nudge