Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ring Ring... Hello?

Lots of phone calls today. I had to get Lucas an appointment with his cleft team, confirm his ENT visit tomorrow, and set up orthodontic appointments for him for next week. I called to get the ball rolling on Autism funding for Lucas and called to get information about a parent workshop I heard about coming up. I also spoke with the gal at Coram’s psychologist briefly.

The good news: Lucas seems ready to put his expander in his mouth. We don’t know if it will fit, however. There is just no way we can know until we get there and give it a try. Either way, I am going to get him his gameboy back.

More good news: Coram’s psycho educational report came today. They had said they would not send it until we were finished paying, but it arrived. I am so pleased that I can get things moving now.

The bad news: We have slightly less than ¼ of our rent, that was due two days ago.

That’s the beauty of trying to pay for an assessment privately. Everything got so far behind, we were about to lose our phone and power – so I had to use the rent money to pay them off. It’s so hard to get caught up after any kind of lapse.

Coram has been doing well with both getting on his bus and behaving at school. It’s nice to have a string of positive reports coming in when he comes home.