Thursday, October 12, 2006

A better week.

This week has actually gone fairly smoothly. Coram has gotten on his bus daily, and made it home on the bus. We have had a couple of meltdowns at home in the evenings, but for the most part his days have been good at school.

Except for today. Today another boy in his class decided to show his genitals to everyone. Coram decided to copy. I don’t know whether it’s really ‘fair’ that Coram got an incident report for this, since this wasn’t his idea. But I suppose he should have known better, too.

Lucas had his first visit with his councillor. I think he really liked it. He wanted me in the room, which was fine. That place is really relaxing. Every time we go there I come out feeling refreshed. I hope Lucas feels good about it too.

Lucas has started building with Lego feverishly. He saw a website with some really cool Lego Pokemons on it, and it fired his imagination. He has been building almost non stop. At night I often find him out of bed building Lego. He tells me he is going to ask Santa for ten big bins of Lego for Christmas. I don’t’ know if Santa can do ten bins – so if anyone else needs ideas, Lego is it for Lucas.