Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Falling Asleep

There’s something indescribable about watching your child fall asleep.

I remember feeling that when I had infants – that those seconds when they drift to sleep are precious to watch. I had no idea then that I would feel the same way now.

In fact, I get to watch that moment so much more rarely now, that it is almost more special.

Their little faces take on a serenity that I can only call angelic (even though that’s cliché and I hate sounding cliché, it’s just true). Their mouths relax and become the soft little mouths I remember from when they were infants.

I also notice that the positions they chose to curl up into in those moments before sleep sets in are often exactly the same ones that they curled up into as infants.

It makes me wonder if it ever changes. I wonder if my own mom would see Baby Jewel juxtaposed on adult me in those moments before I drift into sleep.

There’s magic in those moments. They are a reminder of the tenderness with which I must handle these children, as they are still my babies. They are a reminder of what a gift I have in each of my children. They are a reminder of the awesomeness of being a mom.