Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Welcome Back

Today was the welcome back barbeque at Lucas’s school. Steve wasn’t feeling well, but the boys and I went. It is always nice to see old friends and chat with other parents.

It feels kind of sad this year, because it is Lucas’s last year there, and since Coram is no longer there, it means this is the last barbeque we will be going to.

I am sure that whatever school we chose to go to next will have something like this – but it is always hard to think about saying goodbye.

In other news – we still don’t have a retainer in Lucas’s mouth. His gameboy is still at his orthodontist’s office, and he hasn’t come to the conclusion that he will co-operate. I really hope he does before his mouth changes too much to use the current appliance.

We went for an iCAT scan for Lucas on Monday. This is a really new and high-tech scan of his head, which provides a 3D picture for the dentists/orthodontist/oral surgeons working on him to have an extremely accurate picture. We waited three months for the appointment.

When we got there – Lucas refused to co-operate. We spent half an hour trying to get him to sit still, then gave up and came home. We even did a ‘dry run’ so that he could see what the machine was going to do and know that it wasn’t scary. He laughed and said, ‘Is that all?’ But he still didn’t do it. The technician was not at all happy. She said, ‘ I’ve had about as much as I can take.’ I guess that was my cue to stop trying.

I gather we need to just back off on the orthodontic stuff for a while. However, Lucas needs bone graft surgery next year, so we don’t actually have unlimited time.

I guess I need to just stop worrying and let it be.