Monday, March 06, 2006

The beauty of song…

I love it when my child sings.

I like it when they do cute little concerts at school. Coram is currently practicing for his school concert which is coming up in April.

‘I am just an ordinary Star…
Nineteen millions miles from where you are…
But I’m hot to the core…
I have helium galore…
I am just an ordinary star!’

His class plays the sun, in case you can’t guess.

I like it when they sing along to songs in the car. I listen to rock music, which Coram loves and Lucas hates. Lucas wasn’t me to listen to hip hop. Gag.

Coram sings: ‘I hate everything about you, why do I waaawaaaaa…

But what I really love, is when one or both of them are playing quietly, and they just start to sing spontaneously.

Lucas is building with Lego. He has his door closed, because he is working really hard on it and doesn’t want to be interrupted.

And he’s humming the tune to ‘Moulin Rouge’

(Which, BTW I have no idea where he heard LOL)

It’s just such a true sign of contentment, to me, when a child is occupied and just starts singing.

His tune starts to wonder…it’s no longer recognizable. Now he’s inserting words about what he’s doing…what he’s building, what character will live in the house he’s creating. He’s keeping himself company with this birght, cheery little song.