Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Cute things kids say

One of the reason we name our second son Coram is that we didn’t think there was ANY way it could be shortened or twisted into a name that kids could make fun of.

Well, the other day, Coram came home and told us the kids were calling him ‘Apple Cor’.

I about peed my pants. How did they come up with that? Of course I had to stop laughing because to Coram this was a traumatic and horrible nickname, not ingenuous and cute.

A term of endearment Lucas used for Coram recently…’Little Fried Pancake’. The context was something like ‘… is that okay Little Fried pancake?’ N one in our family has EVER used that as a nickname, but it was unbelievable cute as a term of endearment from Lucas to his little brother.

And finally, Lucas was telling me about something on his leg that he called an ‘owie cap’. This, translated, is a scab. Personally I think ‘owie cap’ sounds better AND makes more sense J


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