Thursday, June 09, 2005

Shhhh ... It's A Secret!

So I have a new profession.

But I really shouldn't say what it is.

It's a secret.

And no, before you decide to do a quick search on yorlocal porn erach engine for my new site...that's NOT it.

No. Now I am a...what shall we call it..Service Evaluation Specialist? Quality Inspections Consultant? Discreet Evaulations Engineer?

Oooh that last one sounds racey.

Oh stuff it. I'll just tell you.

I've been Mystery Shopping.

Yes it's true. It DOES exist. That girl on Oprah was only half lying. There's no way to ake $40 an hour for it, but you can get $10 and a free meal or bottle of hair shampoo or something.

Not to mention the ability to DO something about the snotty clerk the grocery store who never spoke he whole time you were there and wouldn't make eye contact. BUSTED baby! That's goin in the report!

O.....the power!

Well ok I'm getting carried away.

Actually, so far on the shops I am Shopping (note the capital 'S') I have had disapoiningly good customer service. I have not had the pleasure of sending scathing customer service reports in, knowing I would be bringing about the termination of the very employee who ruined my cappuccino (and thus, my day, my week and maybe my whole life). OOOOh but I lie in wait...and pity the sod who forgets o smile ad say 'Thank You' when I am Shopping their store...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Hmmm. I seem to have gone mad today. I have several Shops to do tomorrow so I' better get to sleep so I can be not-mad tomorrow.

Fingers Crossed.