Sunday, May 20, 2007

About A School

Well, for better or for worse, the decision has been made: both boys will be going to our local school next year.

The plan has been to place Coram in a mainstream class next year, with an aide. I was advocating for him to remain at his current school, so as to minimize change.

After all, we have a boy who has an extremely hard time with change, and we want to move him from his cozy class of six kids to a regular sized class AND ask him to move to an entirely different school at the same time?

But, I was not able to make this point. Or, not loudly and clearly enough. The administrator of Coram's current school was adamant – no cross boundary kids next year, there was no space. (Forget the fact that Coram was already a student at that site!)

I was geared up to appeal this decision all the way to the top. I figured I'd take it to my MLA if needed. I also figured I probably wouldn't need to do that. The case for Coram to stay at his current school is strong, and I think once I had presented it to the district they'd likely approve it.

First, though, I decided to get a better sense of the local school option. I was really impressed when speaking with the principal of our local school. He had some good, pro-active ideas for helping Coram find the right class in his school. I found myself asking 'why do I want to fight to force a principal to take my child, when I have this other principal who is pro-actively interested in helping Coram succeed?'

So, I decided to shift my focus. Instead of fighting to get Coram into the school he is currently in, I decided to work with the kids (both of whom are opposed to going to the local school) on accepting the idea that they will be going there next year.

Lucas had a huge cry, but has since seemed to be coming to terms with it. Coram had very little reaction, but the true test will be how he behaves when he goes there in September.

So, the decision is made. I am feeling good about having the kids at a school two blocks away. It will be nice to walk to school, and to be involved in our local community. I'm trying to tell the worry dragons in my head to go away. We'll see what September brings.