Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Here's the update on our special needs car...

I called the dealership this morning. They were pretty convinced it was an issue with the battery not being connected and so the shut off trigger in the door wasn't working. They figured if I had the jump starter cables hooked up when I put the key in the door, it would shut off the engine.

So, feeling frustrated that I had jumper cables and a car last night and didn't have them today, I embarked on my search for jumper cables and a willing participant.

When, at 6PM, no such willing participant with cables was available, I decided to bite the bullet and call BCAA. I joined, and paid the extra $50 for 'join on arrival' (ouch). So, another driver came out, and we went thought eh steps the dealership outlined.

To no avail.

The driver said those directions were for a factory installed alarm, and he could tell from the system, that it was an after-market alarm. He said the only way to disarm it was to find the button. The one we looked for for half an hour last night.

This driver had the advantage of daylight, and not being ob a busy street, so he could take a more relaxed look. He did find the button, in the stupidest place possible. I guess I shouldn't say where, but needless to say, it was a useless place. The BCAA driver told me the button is supposed to be for easy access to turn the thing of – and, well, this button is in about the hardest place to find.

So the driver tried pushing the button, with the key in the ignition, turning,, it, and so on....and it did not work. He said the button was just not working, and he didn't know why. He offered to tow the car to a shop, and went on his merry way.

I called the dealership again. This time, I told them I expected a rental car since this was their fault. The fellow I talked to said, 'yeah, I don't think that will happen. I'll ask my boss, but I know him pretty well and I know what he'll say.' He said that because it wasn't a safety issue, they couldn't' rent me a car. Uhm..HELLO??? Safety issue or not the car is UNDRIVABLE.

So, not wanting to face another day of lost work, and another day with Lucas home because I couldn't drive him, I searched the Internet again. I had searched last night, but all the answers referred to the valet button, which we hadn't found, so I didn't pay much attention. Now, I could understand the directions, and I knew where the button was.

It turns out the BCAA driver was right, it was a question of timing. The key needs to go in the ignition within 30 seconds of the door being opening, and the the button has to be pushed within 5 seconds of the key being turned on.

What a rish that was, trying to get it all done so fast with the button being in an impossible location. It took me two tries, but I am happy to report IT WORKED.

My car runs again. I am elated. I want to go drive to Mexico just to enjoy the freedom. Though I think Safeway might be as far as I'll go.


Annemarie said...

As a potentially willing participant I'm sorry we didn't have jumper cables & weren't able to help. But I am glad you're up & running even though the whole things sounds very stressful!

Jewel said...

Thanks so much for just being willing to help. It probably was just as well I got BCAA out here because they found that alarm switch, so I suppose everying worked out as it should have (as usual)