Monday, April 09, 2007

Lots Of Treats

Easter seems to be getting more and more eventful every year.

On Saturday, hubby and the kids went to a scavenger hunt in a local business area. They went into stores and got cookies and other treats.

Sunday, of course, the Easter bunny came. He was pretty smart this year, and didn't bring much chocolate, opting for cool toys instead. Then, we went up to my moms in Squamish, and had our family Easter Egg Hunt. For that, we try to avoid lots of chocolate eggs, and instead we fill plastic eggs with small Easter toys.

The kids also got chocolate bunnies from Grandpa Ron. Oh, and Steve brought chocolate home from work on Thursday.

Add two birthday cakes for me into the mix. My birthday is tomorrow (the 10 th) but we did the weekend celebrations this week.

I think we need to go train for a marathon this week.