Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lucas's Awesome Night!

So cool !

Lucas just got home from a Canucks game! He got to sit in BOX SEATS! And he got a t-shirt that said ‘Nazzy’s Suite’ on his shirt – for Marcus Naslund. He is going to gain some serious status among his hockey-fan friends for that shirt.

He got to go courtesy of The vancouver Canucks and Zajac Ranch. Zajac Ranch is where he went for Cleft Camp for the last two summers.

It’s cool when he can get to do something special and fun, that we would never be able to otherwise provide for him.

I know that a cleft lip and palate is not a life-threatening, but it is life long. Lucas often comments that people don’t like him because of his lip – and whether or not it’s true, it’s clear that he is very conscious of looking different. He also has high anxiety levels and far too much familiarity with the medical facilities in town. This past year he has had appointments sometimes as often as four times per week.

It’s such a nice break in it all when he can just be on top of the world, celebrating and enjoying life without having to worry for a short time. He’s not thinking about being different, he’s not thinking about any upcoming appointment or procedure, he is just flying high on the exhilaration of the night’s events.

Thank you to The Canucks and Zajac ranch!!


Kara Jackman said...

oh god! that sounds like a ton of fun. what a great point of view on letting him attend this event. my mom and i would always try and do something special in the city. she was always very good about (and still is) ENJOYING LIFE!

I have anxiety problems and wonder if all that i went through contributed to me dealing with anxiety problems now.

-Kara Jackman