Monday, September 04, 2006

This is How We Spent Labour Day...

One of the recommendations the psychologist made for us regarding Coram was this: get him a chin-up bar.

This is because he spends a great deal of the day trying to hang of myself or Steve, or other adults in his life.

He has a need for the feeling of hanging … the doctor figures it is either because he has balance challenges and when hanging he doesn’t have to balance, or because the feeling up pulling deep in his shoulders is satisfying, or both.

So, we got a chin up bar this week. I was really looking forward to using it as a tool for Coram. I get really tired of having a person trying to hang off me all day.

We have had the bar for 5 days.

Today, Coram decided to try to hang upside down (against our house rules regarding the chin up bar).

And of course, he fell.

And of course, he broke his arm.

And bonked his head badly, and bruised his thumb on the other arm.

Poor kid.

We were planning to spend today, Labour Day, at the playground of his school. We had packed a picnic lunch, and we were going to play there all day, to let him get used to the space again.

Instead, we spent four hours at emergency.

Coram still wants to go to the playground. He can’t climb it, but he wants to be there.

So off we are going to blow bubbles at the playground, and maybe kickthe hacky-sack.