Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Today was Coram’s first day of school.

With the trouble we had last year, we were quite concerned that he would have a hard time getting on the bus in the morning, but he didn’t.

He was so excited, waiting by the door. He asked to wait outside in the yard, and took some bubbles with him. He happily blew bubbles until the bus arrived, then hopped onto the bus no fuss. He waved as we drove away, and then he was gone.

It was such a relief.

I thought I would spend the day resting, doing scrapbooking , and generally having some down time.

However, I forgot that Lucas had an orthodontist appointment at 9:30. I missed it. Because what was being done today is time sensitive, we had to squeeze it in today. So, we moved it to 1:30.

I spent and hour playing phone tag to set something up for Coram, since I wouldn’t be here when he got home, and Boys and Girls Club is mysteriously closed today. I had Grandpa all set up to keep him, but needed to arrange for the bus to drop him off at a different place. You’d think this would be as simple as calling the bus company, but nope. I had to call the school board liaison, leave a message, wait for her to call the bus company, and wait for her to call back.

Finally, after just over an hour, we had it all set up. Coram would be dropped at his grandpa’s house at about 3:15. I called the school and left a message asking the teachers to prepare Coram for the change, so he didn’t panic when he was taken to his grandpa’s, having been anticipating being taken to his home.

Then I got a call saying that it was early dismissal today.

Yikes. Coram was getting out of school at noon instead.

Spent another hour re-arranging the details, so that Coram would be dropped off at his grandpa’s at 12:45.

By this time it was 12:00. I had to leave at 12:20 to get Lucas to take him to the orthodontist.

So much for my restful day.