Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Today was day three of Coram’s psycho educational assessment.

I am really hoping to have some answers after this.

I have a big fear right now that they will come back and tell me he does NOT have a learning disorder – and we will be right back where we started.

I think if that happens, I will have to fight with the doctor. I have been sitting in there and watching this boy. I can see that he is doing grade three work on some tasks, and flat out refuses to do other tasks. That’s just not normal.

I will admit that I’m not 100% sure we are looking at non-verbal learning Disorder anymore. Coram has no spatial problems at all. He was doing puzzles at the grade three level. His visual learning is markedly stronger than his verbal learning. Which is almost the opposite of nonverbal learning disorder.

Maybe it’s just the idea of a learning disorder that seems so ‘right’ when I read about nonverbal learning disorder. The idea that Coram is not misbehaving because he has behaviour issues, but because he is being faced with tasks he simply cannot do. Certainly, when we alter our expectations from him, and find ways to accommodate his unique learning styles, he thrives.

My Coram is such a sweet, wonderful guy. He can have creative conversations, and he can be so caring and empathetic. But when he’s stressed, he becomes a monster.

All I want is to create an environment where we can all see his wonderful side, more often.