Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hugging Snow

Today I Hugged the Snow.

It doesn’t usually snow much in Vancouver. And it rarely snows in March. But today, it snowed.

Coram was home with me. He broke or sprained his thumb on his writing hand, so was home with me yesterday and today. No sense sending him to school in pain, and with a huge splint stopping him from doing any writing or colouring. That’s just a recipe for disaster. So he stayed with me.

And it snowed.

It was snowing when we left to take Lucas to school, but nothing was sticking to the ground. It snowed more heavily on the drive home. When we came inside, there was a thin layer of snow covering the grass in the front lawn. Coram asked if he could go out and play. I reminded him he has a big owie on his thumb, so he asked if he could just go out and walk around. It sounded fine to me, so we bundled him up in boots and a jacket, and off he went.

I decided to snuggle up in a blanket on the couch and watch him through the window.

He walked out, and stood very still. He looked up at the sky, letting big flakes of snow land on his cheeks. He had a wide, joyous smile on his face.

He spread his arms wide, wider widest…stretched as far as they could go. He took two steps forward, then wrapped his arms tight, tight around himself. He looked up at the sky and puckered his lips and let snowflakes fall on them.

He looked back at the house and saw me watching him. Bright eyed he ran back to me and said through the window, ‘I’m hugging the snow mom! And kissing it! Can you come out with me?’

So I took the camera and got my fleece wrapped around my shoulders, and went out to hug the snow.

Coram and I took pictures of each other hugging the snow as it fell from the sky. He took a picture of our feet, and of the neighbour’s dog’s water bowl.

We got cold, and we came inside. We snuggled under the blankets together and watched a show.

When we left a few hours later to get Lucas from school, it was a beautiful sunny day. The sky was clear and blue. The grass was green. There was no indicator that it had snowed any time recently.

But Coram and I know that it did snow. We had hugged it.