Friday, May 20, 2011

Long Overdue!

Ouch! It's just been too long since I posted here! I'm sorry I didn't mean to neglect this blog. I blog very regularly at Red Genius Enterprises, and I lost site of how long it had been since I was her on my site. I'll do better!

I've opened anew store, and I am absolutely loving it! I am at Digiridoo Scraps. The team is just awesome, everyone is so friendly, and I quickly felt like they were my new digi-family. You chould drop by and chek us out, especially if you like lots of challenges!

I'll show you my latest new releases - they are all CU. They were in a grab bag for iNSD, and I loved making them so much I'm going to try to do a monthly CU grab bag.

First is Pattern Genius Volume One. This is my first pattern set, but certainly not my last!

Next is Brush Genius Volume Two - these are grungy brushes, perfect for texturizing your papers or photos. I use them all the time now!

And third is Grunge Genius Volume 3 - I love these so much I'm already halfway through making my next set LOL.

I also have a freebie on my facebook page, I'm overdue switching it out and will do so this week, so go grab it now! It's on the tab on the left called 'Fan Exclusive.'

I'm also participating in June's blog train - so be sure to come back for that!

Thanks for dropping by, and have a great day!



Boquete Property said...

There were so many many designs which was posted that I really favored.
I'm so loving your blog. Mad Genius Designs, you really are rocking!

Irene Thomas