Monday, September 06, 2010

This Must Be A Joke

I'm laughing. Someone just left the funnies joke in the comments of my Progressive Blog Hop post. She left this today, after the download links expired:

you--and the other designers--have NO business expiring links! what if the retired kit is something someone really needs? you are not to do that anymore, all of you. re-activate your links and keep them up! >:(

I'd decided this person must be joking. Surely no one would seriously feel that they have the right to tell me - and other designers - what they do and do not have a right to do with their own designs.

And surely no one seriously thinks that any digital scrapbook supplies are something someone really needs? We all know that digital scrapbookking is a luxury, an extra, not a need.

No one could possibly think that they have a right to tell me, or any other designers, that they have to put their links back up and keep them up.

Surely everyone understands that things given away for blog trains, challenges, or RAKS, are given away on the terms of the person who created them.

I was a freebie hunter once too, and I understood that some freebies would be expired by the time I found them. And I understood that some really great things were free for short periods of time, and I was lucky to find some and unlucky to miss others.

So thanks, Anonymous, for the funny joke you left in my comments today.