Friday, April 30, 2010

Summer Surprises Blog Train - Woot! Woot!

Its time for another super awesome blog train from The Blog Train Blog. The theme this month is Summer Surprises. Looking at all the previews make me long for those late summer evenings when everything is settling down bu its still beautiful out. My gift is below but I have a couple of things to tell you first :)

You should have arrived here from Jaya Prem's Hangout.

Since Jane and I were participating, we thought it would be fun to also have Red Genius Enterprises participate. And then we had an awesome idea - we made a full kit (14 papers, 30 elements) and we split it up - one mini for each of the 3 blogs, and one mini for the store. The blog minis are gifts of course, and the store mini is only 1.99 - so if you snag all the gifts and the store mini, you have a full kit and it only cost you 1.99. And if you get it right away, before end of Sunday the 2nd, you can even save 40% on that 1.99 for our iNSD sale. How cool is that?

Let me show you what the entire kit looks like together:

Here is the mini in the Red Genius Enterprises Store, for $1.99. There is also a cardstock addon for $1.99, which you can also get for 40% off this weekend.

And this is the mini I have as a gift for you this month:

*sorry this gift has expired*

Now, I know you will want to ride the whole train, but if you love our full kit, make sure that you snag the gifts from Little Red Scraps and Red Genius Enterprises and keep them together. Then hop over to our store for the mini there, and you've got the entire Red Genius Enterprises kit! WOOT!

Enjoy! And now head on your way to the next stop on the train, which is, conveniently, Red Genius Enterprises :D

If you get lost along the way, head back to The Blog Train Blog. I keep it bookmarked so I can always find it :)

Have fun!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Birthday Month - Week Three Sale

I'm having so much fun clebrating my birthday all month :) Last weekend I got cake - twice! And that's no small feat given I can't eat wheat or dairy. I had a soy-based 'cheesecake' on Saturday (with a soy chai tea):

Then the next day, my wonderful hubby made me a chocolate cake with my favourite wheat-free dairy-free cake mix. Isn't he sweet?

Tomorrow is Lucas's birthday so we'll start a whole new round of cakes. WOOT!

We're moving into week three of my awesome birthday month of sales. This week, I'm matching every dollar you spend in my store at Digi Scraps Drive-In with a coupon towards any other item of your choice. Coupons will expire in 30 days and can be used for future releases.

Stop by my store and snag some goodies!