Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You guys ROCK - thank you!!

WOW everyone! What an amazing flood off comments to wake up to! Thank you all so very much! They have totally overshadowed that grumpy-guss moment and I am just wearing a HUGE smile. Thank you sooo much!

About my comment to people who don't always say thank you - I know that sometimes you are in a hurry, and I know that it can be confusing. I didn't mean to make anyone feel bad for not saying thank you all the time - I know that would be impossible. I love that so many of you take the time to say thank you when you do. I love giving away my freebies, I love seeing my blog followers numbers go up and my dwonload numbers go up. That tells me people like what I do - which encourages me to keep doing it:) So it's not just the comments that help, please don't feel bad if you can't/haven't commented. Thank you for coming to my blog, following me, linking me in your blog roll, and just coming by regularly to see what I've got - all of it!

I'll be back this evening with the alpha (which I think you will LOVE by the way!) but wanted to let you guys know that I am absolutely gob-smacked by the wonderful comments, thank you all SO much for taking the time it totally and completely made my day!



Bernice said...

Sorry that you got those awful comments. I am one of those that looks for freebies especially since I am so new to this and not very creative. I really appreciate all the hard work the designers put into making things for us to use. My theory is you can spend the time it takes to find and download the freebies (in the alloted time) or you can buy the kits but you absolutely cannot criticize those that take the time to create freebies for us to enjoy. You don't want to spend the hours finding and downloading them on time then you can get them from their stores. Thanks again for all the hard work you put into making the kits and I wish you and your family a merry christmas

Susie(Psychozoe), Zoe the cat, Chiquita the dog said...


Anisah said...

It must be very frustrating to give away what you worked hard to make and some people are not appreciative.



Tracy said... rock and I absolutely love working with you over at STS!!! Merry christmas!