Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Download links and snot

Ohhhh Emmm Gee - I have tears pouring down my face! I always have been bad for typos, and I rely heavily on my spell checker - but when I make a typo that is still a word, my spell checker doesn't flag it ... which is why I had no IDEA my snow layout said ' we don't have snot yet this year'. Thankfully we never get snot falling from the sky!! Thanks J9 for pointing that out to me - my husband and I had a great laugh.

There's been a couple of comments about people missing download links - I am very sorry for that! I have left each of them up for a bit extra, not held strictly to the 24 hours, because I know sometimes it can be herd to get back in on time. I'm sorry if you missed the links. Normally I don't reactivate links once they've expired. But, it's Christmas and I don't feel like being scroogy, so here's a deal - come back Friday, and I'll reactivate all the links for Friday only

In the meantime - you can still sang the elements, the alpha - and be sure to check out the Red Genius Enterprises blog for the daily download!



psychozoe said...

bahaha girl! typos are the funniest!