Tuesday, September 08, 2009

NSBR = Non Scrapbook Related

You may or may not know this, but this blog originally started out having nothing at all to do with digital scrapbooking. I used it to update family on things in our life, vent, whine, gloat, you name it.

I have decide that I will include those 'life' posts again. I'll always put 'NSBR' in the title, so if you are here looking for my scrapbooking goodies, you can ignore them. And if you are here looking to read about my life, just click the NSBR label and you'll get just my life posts:)

So, to start off posting abotu just my life LOL...Today is back to school. I cannot possible say YAY loud enough to capture how relieved I am. This summer has been by far the most trying summer in my life as a parent. For the three previous summers, Coram has been in a summer long day program. This helps him because he really needs the structure and routine. However, after my back injury last year and the circumstances around it, the program decided that they no longer felt they could keep Coram safe this year. So I spent the months coming up to summer trying to secure summer care.

And this is what I encountered:

  • - There are 4 community centers in the city that offer 'inclusive' programs.
  • - There are way more kids than there are spots
  • - Because of this mis-match, each child can only be given 2 weeks at each center
  • - The supportive staff at these centers are primarily volunteers, from late high school or early university, who are enthusiastic and willing but completely untrained

And these are the results:

  • - Volunteers are awkward and unsure when they first meet Coram, two to three days are spent getting over that
  • - Two to three days need to be spend building a rapport with Coram, then they maybe have one good day
  • - the weekend comes, and the break intrudes on the rapport
  • - In the second week, Coram becomes aware that he is leaving that center, gets anxious about that, and starts acting up

We only kept this up for a couple of different centers, because it just wasn't worth the stress. I would get until maybe noon at the latest before I was called to go pick him up. I wasn't getting any work done, he wasn't getting the structure, and we were all stressed. So I just kept him home the rest of the summer.

Now, I love my kids, but after several weeks of this, I was about to lose my mind. I am just so very thankful that school is back in session.

Now, in a few weeks I may feel differently, when the slogg of getting Coram out of bed for his 7:34 bus pick up and packing lunch and dealign with school issues gets me down. But for today, I am content.



Autism Mummy said...

Just read your post and although it was about camp it was similar to my situation but only with school.
Unfortunately but also fortunately I am now homeschooling both my boys on the spectrum. Unfortunately because the school system has no idea about Autism and everytime a teacher gets to know my boys they leave and we start all over again and because Autism is at epidemic levels here and there is just nowhere for our kids to go so finding a more appropriate school is a nightmare.
Fortunately for my youngest one that while I have waited the last 8 months to get him to a new appropriate school I have been homeschooling him and he now talks!
We are upto at least 100 different words and dozens of phrases and everyday he is using them appropriately !
I am so wrapped because the school has no faith in me whatsoever but on the other hand could not do anything for my then totally non verbal boy ! It has been so hard I can not even put it into words LOL - but the change in both boys behaviours is unbelievable , they are very calm and relaxed these days as I believe the pressure is off and so is the stress !
I look forward to reading more about your life with Autism , thanks for sharing so far !