Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Blog Award? for MEEEEEE?

I've never been given a blog award before, so a million thanks to cherie for this super cute cupcake award:

The rules of this award are I choose 15 blogs to pass it on to - so here they are:) I went through those that I have bookmarked or favourited and randomly chose some because I have waaay more than 15 that I looove!

Little Red Scraps
I Am Simply Sarah
Stolen Moments
Sweet Digi Scraps
The Scrappin Cop
Designs By the Polka Dot Chicks
Inkin and Thinkin
JayaPrem's Hangout
Miss Erin's Scraps
Ramona The Pest
Flutterbye Faery
Scrappin Daisies
Punky Princess Designs
Dreamers Magic Designs
Snuggle Berry Pie Designs

Ok that's 15 - there are so many other blogs I love. Some day (soon I hope) I'll update my blog roll.

Thanks for droppin by!


Anonymous said...

I like this Blog

cherie said...

you are so funny, lol! of course an award for you! big hugs!!!

Bernadus said...

Congratulations on your award. You deserve to got it because you have such a nice blog. Keep on good work.

Lisa said...

Funny blog this was. The pic is good too. No wonder you got the blog award, you are so hilarious.

JaneAgain said...

Congrats! and thanks! :)

Golf Reviews said...

I too, enjoy this blog and would nominate it for many more awards! The writing is commendable though, and really should be showcased.