Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Surgery is Done, Woo Hoo! And a Freebie for You!

Who knew I was such a poet?

So the surgery is over. It was a nightmare, and ended up with 3 big strong men holding Coram down to get him anesthetized, but it's done. He is already feeling so much better, and I am seeing glimmers of his old happy self. I am so relieved.

I am having so much fun on their quick page team. They have started a new section in the forum where quick page team members post their creations, so you'll want to check it out often - because our freebies are only every up for a week!

I got to play today with an amazing collab kit called Rough and Tumble by the Pretty Scrappy designers. Check out this preview - this kit screams little boy - and it's even on sale!

And here is the page I did with it - my son Lucas being head locked by my little brother. Lucas asked me as I was making this, 'Why does Tai do that to me all the time?' I have no answer - I'm a girl after all and can't conceive of why boys do what boys do. Heh.

And - last but certainly not least - here is the freebie quick page I did up for you all.

You can download at 4shared *link expired, sorry! *, and pretty please leave comments for me - it keeps me going! And remember this will only be available for one week - so snag it now, and tell your friends:)