Thursday, January 22, 2009

Answer Your Cat's Question Day

I thought it was a joke, but apparantly not ... Jan 22 really is Answer Your Cat's Question Day. So have a look at your feline's quizical face, and see if you can figure out what they want to know!

Template set 21 for a 2 pager Doreen Stolz
Comfy Cozy collab by Chaos Lounge, Wendy Page and Danielle CorbittFont – Brush Script M7
Frame cut with paper from Enchante Sampler by Diana Burton
Green staples,worded paper and ribbon, and Folder (recoloured) from faithful Friends Sampler by Scrap4Brains


Simply Sarah said...

What a pretty Kitty! I love cats but now I have dogs!

Thanks for the info on the SS at DC. I PM'd Kate and got the correct info... My blog is updated.

I think it would be cool to make another site for digi-challenge type things only.... We would have a lot of scouring to do... I get emails and am registered at about 45 shops/forums. I know, it is funny! Hmmm.... what would we call the blog???

Email me:

Melaleuca said...

for last 2 years my cat is not asking me anything. I am meeting every need of his so no need to ask anything to me.