Thursday, January 22, 2009

Answer Your Cat's Question Day

I thought it was a joke, but apparantly not ... Jan 22 really is Answer Your Cat's Question Day. So have a look at your feline's quizical face, and see if you can figure out what they want to know!

Template set 21 for a 2 pager Doreen Stolz
Comfy Cozy collab by Chaos Lounge, Wendy Page and Danielle CorbittFont – Brush Script M7
Frame cut with paper from Enchante Sampler by Diana Burton
Green staples,worded paper and ribbon, and Folder (recoloured) from faithful Friends Sampler by Scrap4Brains

Friday, January 02, 2009

A New Beginning, Some Reflection

So, as I sit here wrapping up the first day of the new year, I can’t help but look back. This past year has had it’s challenges, but it has also had so many successes.

In January of 2008, Coram started at his new school. This was after several months of half days and struggles to get the administration at his previous school on board, as well as dealing with an aid that wasn’t a good fit. At the new school, his aid is fantastic, and the administration has been totally behind us all the way. Coram has made huge strides socially and academically, and he has been approved for a computer in his classroom to support his learning. Things are looking better and better for him.

In July, we were able to take our first successful family vacation. I organized it, and made a journal of ‘what to expect’ to help Coram prepare himself, and he handled all the transitions and changes beautifully. So much so, that we are looking forward to our next family trip!

Lucas has really turned a corner at school. His new teacher told me he is remarkable mature, and that she doesn’t number him amongst the kids she is concerned about academically. This compared to last year when he was almost a full grade behind in some subjects. He also completed a program about childhood anxiety which seems to have made some great changes in him.

Steve, as an adult, would probably prefer to make his own reflections on a year gone by. But for me, I can say that as a father and a husband, he has been my rock this past year. I could not imagine a more perfect partner, and I am so glad to have him by my side as we start another year.

Personally, I have been very excited with my work, both for Kodak and yoyomama. Due to my horrible back injury, I had to leave the DVD merchandising job I had, which has freed up more time for yoyomama, which is really exciting. I have also picked up sport of a new hobby – digital scrapbooking. It’s ‘sort of new’ because I have been scrapbooking for over ten years, but not digitally. I find digital scrapbooking gives me more freedom AND frees me from the mess of paper products. I do think I’ll always be a paper crafter, too, though.

As part of this new hobby, I have spent a great deal of time in forums. I decided to take on a new challenge: the 365 challenge, where each day you take a photo and scrap it. This has been mentioned on a few forums and blogs, but Divine Digital has actually launched a challenge around it, so that is where I will be posting my layouts. Fingers crossed I can follow through, as I think this will be a really cool book to have at the end!

So, for today’s challenge, the journaling prompts is to make a list of at least 12 things I want to accomplish in 2009. Here goes (in no particular order) :
1 – spend at least 1 hour per week alone with each child
2 – spend one night out per month alone with my husband
3 – scrapbook one pager per day, digitally in paper
4 – get my office organized
5 – get my bedroom storage area organized
6 – paint my bathroom
7 – design one freebie kit for digital scrapbooking by the end of the year
8 – visit the gym 2 times per week
9 - get the kids more active (swimming lessons, etc)
10 – get to an Autism support group that works for me
11 – get to Disneyland
12 – give away the boxes of stuff in my store room
13 – save $50 per month
14 – find a charity I can donate a small amount to each month

OK – so that’s more than 12, but once I started I couldn’t stop. Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me!