Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Download links and snot

Ohhhh Emmm Gee - I have tears pouring down my face! I always have been bad for typos, and I rely heavily on my spell checker - but when I make a typo that is still a word, my spell checker doesn't flag it ... which is why I had no IDEA my snow layout said ' we don't have snot yet this year'. Thankfully we never get snot falling from the sky!! Thanks J9 for pointing that out to me - my husband and I had a great laugh.

There's been a couple of comments about people missing download links - I am very sorry for that! I have left each of them up for a bit extra, not held strictly to the 24 hours, because I know sometimes it can be herd to get back in on time. I'm sorry if you missed the links. Normally I don't reactivate links once they've expired. But, it's Christmas and I don't feel like being scroogy, so here's a deal - come back Friday, and I'll reactivate all the links for Friday only

In the meantime - you can still sang the elements, the alpha - and be sure to check out the Red Genius Enterprises blog for the daily download!


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

NSBR = Non Scrapbook Related

You may or may not know this, but this blog originally started out having nothing at all to do with digital scrapbooking. I used it to update family on things in our life, vent, whine, gloat, you name it.

I have decide that I will include those 'life' posts again. I'll always put 'NSBR' in the title, so if you are here looking for my scrapbooking goodies, you can ignore them. And if you are here looking to read about my life, just click the NSBR label and you'll get just my life posts:)

So, to start off posting abotu just my life LOL...Today is back to school. I cannot possible say YAY loud enough to capture how relieved I am. This summer has been by far the most trying summer in my life as a parent. For the three previous summers, Coram has been in a summer long day program. This helps him because he really needs the structure and routine. However, after my back injury last year and the circumstances around it, the program decided that they no longer felt they could keep Coram safe this year. So I spent the months coming up to summer trying to secure summer care.

And this is what I encountered:

  • - There are 4 community centers in the city that offer 'inclusive' programs.
  • - There are way more kids than there are spots
  • - Because of this mis-match, each child can only be given 2 weeks at each center
  • - The supportive staff at these centers are primarily volunteers, from late high school or early university, who are enthusiastic and willing but completely untrained

And these are the results:

  • - Volunteers are awkward and unsure when they first meet Coram, two to three days are spent getting over that
  • - Two to three days need to be spend building a rapport with Coram, then they maybe have one good day
  • - the weekend comes, and the break intrudes on the rapport
  • - In the second week, Coram becomes aware that he is leaving that center, gets anxious about that, and starts acting up

We only kept this up for a couple of different centers, because it just wasn't worth the stress. I would get until maybe noon at the latest before I was called to go pick him up. I wasn't getting any work done, he wasn't getting the structure, and we were all stressed. So I just kept him home the rest of the summer.

Now, I love my kids, but after several weeks of this, I was about to lose my mind. I am just so very thankful that school is back in session.

Now, in a few weeks I may feel differently, when the slogg of getting Coram out of bed for his 7:34 bus pick up and packing lunch and dealign with school issues gets me down. But for today, I am content.


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Why I LOOOOVE working for Kodak

Oh how I love my job and I loooove fall when everyone is gearing up for the bug holiday selling season - I get goodies!

The boys are happily playing with the Zi6 and the Zx1 - sooo much fun!

And I of course am just LOVING my ESP7 it has an awesome scanner (If you are interested, here is a fairly technical but thorough document about the difference between CCD and CIS - this one is CIS)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Free Photoshop Course

I just signed up for a fee 6 month photoshop course. I am excited! Anyways I thought I'd share the link in case any of you want to sign up too. It starts next week.

CreativeTechs free Photoshop Course

Maybe I'll see you there!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Market Mommy Labour Day Blog Party Coming!

I just love facebook sometimes - especially when I get to hear about cool things like the upcoming Market Mommy Labour Day Blog Party. Here are the details (copied from the Market Mommy blog)

As a tribute to all hard-working moms, Market Mommy:: The Blog is hosting a blog party the week of Labor Day (September 7 – 12). Each day (Monday – Saturday) will feature at least one mom-owned business and giveaway. It is going to be a very exciting week!

Not only will there be AT LEAST 6 great prizes to win, there will also be some great information. Mom business owners, just like yourself, will be sharing information about their companies and how they balance their business with raising their family at the same time.

I am offering a prize for his cool party - fun, hey? So head to the Market Mommy blog and pre-register(by commenting on the post) for even more changes to win:)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Blog Award? for MEEEEEE?

I've never been given a blog award before, so a million thanks to cherie for this super cute cupcake award:

The rules of this award are I choose 15 blogs to pass it on to - so here they are:) I went through those that I have bookmarked or favourited and randomly chose some because I have waaay more than 15 that I looove!

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Ok that's 15 - there are so many other blogs I love. Some day (soon I hope) I'll update my blog roll.

Thanks for droppin by!

Friday, August 14, 2009

A note about comments...

So I was just reading my 4shared comments and my blog comments and I wanted to say to you all - THANK YOU! It warms my heart to hear from you guys, and I love all the appreciation for my goodies. I love doing what I do, and I am so glad you guys like it too. So thanks to all of you!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Six Word Saturday

The cats peed on my bed

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Surgery is Done, Woo Hoo! And a Freebie for You!

Who knew I was such a poet?

So the surgery is over. It was a nightmare, and ended up with 3 big strong men holding Coram down to get him anesthetized, but it's done. He is already feeling so much better, and I am seeing glimmers of his old happy self. I am so relieved.

I am having so much fun on their quick page team. They have started a new section in the forum where quick page team members post their creations, so you'll want to check it out often - because our freebies are only every up for a week!

I got to play today with an amazing collab kit called Rough and Tumble by the Pretty Scrappy designers. Check out this preview - this kit screams little boy - and it's even on sale!

And here is the page I did with it - my son Lucas being head locked by my little brother. Lucas asked me as I was making this, 'Why does Tai do that to me all the time?' I have no answer - I'm a girl after all and can't conceive of why boys do what boys do. Heh.

And - last but certainly not least - here is the freebie quick page I did up for you all.

You can download at 4shared *link expired, sorry! *, and pretty please leave comments for me - it keeps me going! And remember this will only be available for one week - so snag it now, and tell your friends:)

Sunday, February 08, 2009

What is a digital kit, you ask?

So, the other day when I posted my first digital kit, Jane asked me what a digital kit is. Well, might I just say Jane, that you asked the magic question hehe.

So, for those of you who are digital scrapbookers, you probably don't need to read this post, you can just skip to my freebie. For those of you who visit my blog for other reasons (friends and family) and are curious, here is your answer.

As you probably know, I have been a paper scrapbooker since my almost 11 year old was born. Sometime last year, I got a really cool program to do 'storybooks', which are books made from my own photos and bound and printed into hardcover books. I was afraid ... I had no idea how to do it, if it would look good, etc. It tooke mw quite a few months of owning the program before I decided to try it.

When we went on our first Family Road trip, I decided this was a perfect chance to get started and do a digital storybook. And WOAH did I ever LOVE it. There is waaaay less mess when you digitcal scrapbook, no pack up after (just click 'save' and walk away) and a lot more flexibility. If I don't have the right colour, I just alter it and voila - a whole new graphic. I could cute up photos, and if I hated it I could just click 'undo' and have my original photo back (can't do that with a paper photo!).

Curious about what others were doing with their digital scrapbooks, I googled it. And WOW. I had no idea what a huge community of digital scrapbookers there are! Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people online, in forums and on blogs, sharing the work they do, and becoming friends.

What I was amazed to find was that there is gigabytes and gigabytes of free graphics available for scrapbooking. There are designers who give away freebies to promote the sale of their designs, there are designers who are learning and give away their freebies hoping for feedback, and there are all sorts of other reasons people give away their freebies.

For me, it wasn't long before I started to wonder if I could make graphics that people would be interested in using for their own digital scrapbooking projects. Not to try to sell them, but to contribute back to, and become even more involved in, the community I am so enjoying. So I started doing a couple of challenged on forums that involved creating kits.

So, a 'kit' is a package of graphics that is used for digital scrapbooking. They usually revolve around a colour theme or other theme, and often you can find several that co-ordinate together. Kits usually involved digital 'paper' and other 'embellishments' such as 'ribbon' 'frames' 'buttons' and so on. The preview below show strips of each of the papers I created, as well as the embellishments I made (through recolouring, adding textures, etc).

What do you do with a kit? Well, download it, unzip it, and load it into a program like Photoshop and play with it! You can use the papers as backgrounds, or cut them into shapes and use them to enhance your page. Put your photos on - and you can even try trimming them, too - and voila you have a layout (LO) that celebrates those photos.

You don't need to pay for a scrapbooking program to give this a try. I believe there are free downloads of various photo editing and graphic programs that you can try, and see how it goes. If you find you are too limited by the free version, and it is something you really like, then you can purchase a program. And like I said there are endless amounts of freebies for the graphics themselves. Check out Digifree and you'll find enough to fill a hard drive (or 3).

So - I hope that answers your question: ) And Jane, I know you said you have a hard time getting enough photos - maybe you'll find a love for digital scrapbooking and that will encourage you to take more photos. I challenge you to try - plus I want to see more photos of your kids heh.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Answer Your Cat's Question Day

I thought it was a joke, but apparantly not ... Jan 22 really is Answer Your Cat's Question Day. So have a look at your feline's quizical face, and see if you can figure out what they want to know!

Template set 21 for a 2 pager Doreen Stolz
Comfy Cozy collab by Chaos Lounge, Wendy Page and Danielle CorbittFont – Brush Script M7
Frame cut with paper from Enchante Sampler by Diana Burton
Green staples,worded paper and ribbon, and Folder (recoloured) from faithful Friends Sampler by Scrap4Brains

Friday, January 02, 2009

A New Beginning, Some Reflection

So, as I sit here wrapping up the first day of the new year, I can’t help but look back. This past year has had it’s challenges, but it has also had so many successes.

In January of 2008, Coram started at his new school. This was after several months of half days and struggles to get the administration at his previous school on board, as well as dealing with an aid that wasn’t a good fit. At the new school, his aid is fantastic, and the administration has been totally behind us all the way. Coram has made huge strides socially and academically, and he has been approved for a computer in his classroom to support his learning. Things are looking better and better for him.

In July, we were able to take our first successful family vacation. I organized it, and made a journal of ‘what to expect’ to help Coram prepare himself, and he handled all the transitions and changes beautifully. So much so, that we are looking forward to our next family trip!

Lucas has really turned a corner at school. His new teacher told me he is remarkable mature, and that she doesn’t number him amongst the kids she is concerned about academically. This compared to last year when he was almost a full grade behind in some subjects. He also completed a program about childhood anxiety which seems to have made some great changes in him.

Steve, as an adult, would probably prefer to make his own reflections on a year gone by. But for me, I can say that as a father and a husband, he has been my rock this past year. I could not imagine a more perfect partner, and I am so glad to have him by my side as we start another year.

Personally, I have been very excited with my work, both for Kodak and yoyomama. Due to my horrible back injury, I had to leave the DVD merchandising job I had, which has freed up more time for yoyomama, which is really exciting. I have also picked up sport of a new hobby – digital scrapbooking. It’s ‘sort of new’ because I have been scrapbooking for over ten years, but not digitally. I find digital scrapbooking gives me more freedom AND frees me from the mess of paper products. I do think I’ll always be a paper crafter, too, though.

As part of this new hobby, I have spent a great deal of time in forums. I decided to take on a new challenge: the 365 challenge, where each day you take a photo and scrap it. This has been mentioned on a few forums and blogs, but Divine Digital has actually launched a challenge around it, so that is where I will be posting my layouts. Fingers crossed I can follow through, as I think this will be a really cool book to have at the end!

So, for today’s challenge, the journaling prompts is to make a list of at least 12 things I want to accomplish in 2009. Here goes (in no particular order) :
1 – spend at least 1 hour per week alone with each child
2 – spend one night out per month alone with my husband
3 – scrapbook one pager per day, digitally in paper
4 – get my office organized
5 – get my bedroom storage area organized
6 – paint my bathroom
7 – design one freebie kit for digital scrapbooking by the end of the year
8 – visit the gym 2 times per week
9 - get the kids more active (swimming lessons, etc)
10 – get to an Autism support group that works for me
11 – get to Disneyland
12 – give away the boxes of stuff in my store room
13 – save $50 per month
14 – find a charity I can donate a small amount to each month

OK – so that’s more than 12, but once I started I couldn’t stop. Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me!