Friday, August 29, 2008

I Laughed So Hard it Hurt

OK so in the interests of full disclosure, it doesn’t take much to make me hurt right now, seeing as I have this deep tissue injury n my back. But don’t let that detract from how funny this blog is. Even if I didn’t have a back injury, I may have laughed until I hurt.

I do love to make character cakes myself, but now I think I might just let my sarcasm get the better of some of my upcoming cakes for adult friends. What better way to say happy Birthday to a dear friend than with this cake?

Thanks to Bloggers ‘Blogs Of Note’ for sharing this gem with me today :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Square Pizza Night

It’s not clear to me when the tradition started. Maybe it was the kids fighting over the television (AGAIN), or the kitchen full of dirty dishes (AGAIN), or that fact that we were both exhausted after a full week in the trenches (ALWAYS) but somehow we launched a family tradition: Pizza Fridays.

Now in case you are thinking of chiming in here with, ‘But pizza once a week isn’t healthy!’ let me just stop you now. It has bread, vegetables, dairy, and sometimes meat. I have it from a nutritionist that it is actually considered a healthy food choice, depending on what is on it (and we don’t load it with high fat meats.) And that makes it good enough for me.

So, after we established the tradition, we embarked on the laborious of mission of Perfecting the Pizza Friday. We ordered from various local restaurants, and we have a few standby favourites, but we have always been up to trying something new. So when I was at my local grocery store one day, and saw a nice bunch of Airmiles attached to a pizza (I am an Airmiles addict, but that’s another story) I decided to give it a try. It was a fresh, bake-it-yourself style pizza, and it was square.

I’m not sure if it was the shape of the pizza, the taste of it, or the fact that it was something we had never tried before, but it was a hit. Fresh from our oven, fit perfectly onto a cookie sheet, and really good sauce. So (for now at least) we have a new tradition: Square Pizza Fridays.

Want a piece?