Sunday, July 06, 2008

Here I am!

I have been completely AWOL and I apologize to all of my loyal readers. I’ll try to do better.

Things with the family are going very smoothly. The kids wrapped their school year without a hiccup, and we have all moved nicely into summer. The kids have had one week at Kidsafe and seem to be enjoyng it a great deal – more than in previous years. I think it’s because this is their third year, they are amongst the older kids, and they really fit in now with kids they have been spending summers with for so long. Also it helps that the leaders are so great – they all know the kids, and they don’t try to push Coram to eat, which has always lead to problems in the past. We have a couple of weeks off as a family later in July, but haven’t decided as of yet what to do with them. It might be nice just to hang out close to home, and do some day trips and relax, but it might also be nice to go on a longer road trip. We’ll figure it out eventually.

I’ll end this post with some pics of the boys hamming it up this summer at some local community events.

I think the boys had their faces painted to look like Mario and Luigi from Super Mario brothers, but I'm not sure. Whatever it was supposed to be, it was funny.

The police came by for a visit and brought their bikes.

Police officer Steve. Yum.

Here I am with the boys at the school fair. Too bad half Lucas's face got cut off heh.

This is a nice shot of all three of my boys at Rocky Point Station in Port Moody.

Here is a panoramic I took at Rocky Point Station with one of my many new Kodak Cameras. It was really pretty there.