Monday, March 31, 2008

Pine Nuts In My Cereal

Ok so I admit I wanted my title to get your attention. But I also really do have pine nuts in my cereal. It’s granola, actually, and is surprisingly tasty. I picked it up yesterday at Portobello West, where we were promoting yoyomama. The booth next to us was for the Granola Girl, and she had samples. I don’t think I would have bought homemade granola if it weren’t for those samples. This stuff is sooooo good. And she packages some bags with bigger pieces so you can just grab a chunk and go. And no, I am not being paid to write this. I just really like my granola today.

Things with the family are on a pretty even keel these days. Coram’s new school is great, and he is settling in – finally! This week will be his first week of full dayss We have been adding gradually and I am so thrilled that we are finally here. So much for two weeks of half days (which was the plan in September). I am stunned really when I look back at how difficult the fall/winter was for us. But here we are in Spring – complete with sun, blooms, hail and snow (yes, really). I guess it truly is a time for new beginnings, and Coram is having one.
Lucas has an appointment with his ENT (Ear Nose and Throat Doctor) in a couple of weeks where we will find out if he still has fluid behind the one ear drum, and if we need to go in and put a new set of tubes in. He really notices the fluid, and I really notice he has hearing loss, so I am pretty sure I know what the answer will be. But we’ll just wait and see before we freak out about an upcoming anaesthetic on a boy with needle phobia.

I have been working a LOT. I still merchandise DVDs, but have added merchandising for Kodak into the mix. Also, yoyomama is doing very well and I am trying to focus a good chunk of time per week on that, too. I don’t get to see my pseudo-third-baby as much as I used to, and I miss him a lot. He is walking now, but still in that stage where he looks like a slight breeze would topple him over. Legs wide, arms out to the side for balance, and of course a huge proud grin on his face. I really enjoy our time with him, and Lucas tells me he wishes Christopher was his real baby brother. So sweet.

So that’s the update. I feel bad I am not able to blog more these days, but as I like to say these days, ‘It is what it is.’