Monday, November 26, 2007

Why I Sleep So Much

So today Lucas was home from school sick. This means I can't take Coram to school either, because I can't go get him at 12:30 without draging Lucas there, so they both stayed home.

With kids 8 and 9, I can safely set them up in front of the TV ad have a nap. So that is what I did this morning. I lay my head down at about 9:30 am. The boys would come in every now and then to ask for things (Can I make a peanut butter sandwich?) or tattle on each other (Coram keeps changing my show to the weather channel!) but for the most part, I got a sleep. It was 1:45 before I finally dragged myself out of bed, and even that was with reluctance.

Now some of you may think maybe I stayed up late last night. Not so. I was in bed by 11:30, and slept until 8:00. Aghast, you now wonder why on earth I would have such a long nap in the morning after such a long night of sleep?

Consider this: In the past 8 years, I have had so few nights of fully un-interrupted sleep that I would only need one hand to count them on.

We all know this is part of parenting, right? Our babies get up in the middle of the night for a bottle, our toddlers climb in when they have had a bad dream. But how many have 4 foot 5 inch tall 8 year olds in their bed every night?

Yes, every night. It's an anxiety thing.

We tried getting a bigger bed, but that really didn't fix the issue. See, in order to feel secure, Coram needs to actually be touching us in the night. Get a king-sized bed – he still follows us all over the bed. Often, one of us is squeezed against the wall, and the other is hanging off the opposite side, and Coram is stretched perpendicularly between us, so he can be touching us both.

Last night, he kept throwing his leg over me. Kinda' like you'd throw your arm over someone you were cuddling in the night. But this was his leg. Over my head (remember he is sleeping sideways). I kept pushing it off, and it would be about two minutes before he put it there again. I physically moved him upright so his legs were not by my head, and happily slept a full twenty minutes before he had manoeuvred himself to the same position and threw his leg over me.

Add to that this boy has some incredible internal heat source, and is always hot and sweaty in the night. Naturally, he kicks all of the blankets on to the floor. Last night was particularly cold.

This morning (afternoon) as I dragged myself out of bed, I considered that I might as well just stay up all night, since the time in quasi-sleep is just wasted – I still need real sleep in a bed without children the next day. I could use that time to actually get stuff done around here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Day In The Life

5:00 AM – hit alarm clock

5:00- 5:15 AM – lie in bed wishing you didn't have to get up

5:15 AM – hook hand-held computer into cradle, download work for the day

5:20 AM – get dressed brush teeth, put hair in ponytail, try to tame messy hair

5:25 AM – spend 15 minutes trying to shove large cardboard corrugate displayer into the back of a very small car without causing any damage

5:40 AM – necessary Starbucks pit stop

6:00 AM – arrive at store, stand around waiting for manger guy to show up with key. Try not to freeze.

6:10 AM – get into the store

6:15 – 7:00 AM – wrestle with most ridiculous corrugate display on the face of the planet.

7:00 – 7:10 AM – snap together the pre-assembled second display and whisper silent thanks that some studios do the hard part for you.

7:10-7:20 AM– try to fix the first corrugate, which is now collapsing under the weight of DVD's

7:20 – 7:50 AM– crazily sticker DVD's and put them on shelves. Haul boxes of DVDs around the store.

7:50 AM - Check on collapsing corrugate again.

8:00 to 8:30 – Drive home. Get kids in car. Take kids to school.

8:30 to 9:00 – hold Coram while trying to calmly talk him into staying at school. Speak with principal, and two SSWs. Restrain Coram when he tries to run, tickle him when he screams loudly for no reason, and show him how to use the staple remover.

9:00 AM– head back to store.

9:15 AM– necessary Starbucks pit stop number two

9:30 AM– back in store, filling fixtures, stickering DVD's, and rough-housing cardboard boxes. Check on collapsing corrugate again.

10:00 AM - Call manager to obtain permission to take down collapsing corrugate that you spent almost two hours putting up in the first place.

10:15 AM - Fill a third corrugate with disks, only to have it overbalance and fall on you. Fix it, fill it, and have it fall on you again. Repeat two more times before giving up on that corrugate too.

10:15 AM -12:30 PM – Haul more boxes, sticker more DVDs, fill more fixtures. All while listening to the Spice Girls at full blast.

12:30 PM– rush to school to pick up Coram

12:40 PM– apologize for being late for the 12:30 pick up, bring Coram home.

12:45 PM– get Coram hot chocolate.

1:00 PM– sit down on computer to read emails

1:10 PM– get Coram sandwich

1:15 – call stupid Mystery Shopping Company that decided to deactivate me for no reason. Get really frustrated when they lie to you and accuse you of lying. Give up because you are too good for that and have enough work anyways, so you don't need them (though on principle you don't like letting them get away with lying and then blaming it on you).

1:20 PM– necessary pot of tea

1:30 PM - answer emails, send ads for solo ad business, apologize to customer whose ad you forgot to send. Delete 175 SPAM emails so you can read the one pertinent email. Refresh tea

1:45 PM – get Coram some cookies

1:50 PM - Check snail mail. Recycle 7 junk mails so you can find the one real mail.

2:00 PM – help Coram find the cat. Snuggle with them.

2:10 PM - Log on to bank, pay bills online. Dump out cold tea dregs. Throw down a peanut butter sandwich to help with the light headedness. Remember that the last time you ate was 5:30 am.

2:20 PM – finally give to Coram's repeated requests to watch him play video games.

2:45 PM – take Coram to Boys and Girls Club

3:00 PM – arrive at second store, thankful that this location does not have any corrugate

3:10 PM – find out that the manager is off sick, there is no one in the department, half the new relerases aren't out, and the back room is so full of messy boxes you can't walk in there.

3:10 – 5:30 PM – haul boxes around, fill shelves and fixtures, sticker DVDs and flatten boxes

5:30 PM – rush to Boys and Girls Club to pick up boys

5:40 PM – apologize for being late for 5:30 pick up

5:45 PM – arrive home

5:45 – 6:15 PM – delete SPAM to find real emails

6:15 -6:30 PM – send more ads for solo ad business

6:30 PM– necessary Tylenol pit stop

6:35 PM– sit to type blog about what a crazy day it's been, look around at the housework and piles of paperwork to be done, and fantasize about a warm bubble bath....