Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Halloween Costume Debate

Perhaps I am old fashioned, but I would be happy if my kids wanted to dress up as over stuffed pumpkins, cute white ghosts, or maybe a rubics cube.

Heck, I'd even be happy if they got creative and dressed up as a giant cardboard toilet. It would be better than what they are currently planning to wear.

I'm not sure if it' a sign of the times, or a coming of age, or what, but my kids want to dress up as violent things. Last year Lucas was the grim reaper, and this year he found a Jason costume (yes, from the horror movies). He doesn't know who Jason is, but he liked the fake blood on the mask and sword.

Fake blood? On my kids? Where did that cute little caterpillar costume go that they wore year in and year out??

I had left Steve and the kids looking through the costumes while I did the rest of the grocery shopping at our local big box store. I came back and Lucas had this Jason costume in his hands. I looked in alarm at Steve, who gave me a mischievous half smile and shrugged, his usual reaction when I am freaking out about the 'little boy-ness' of my little boys (to which he can very much relate at the ripe age of 31).

Not wanting to be a spoil sport, thinking maybe my expectations were un-realistic, I relented, and unhappily paid for the costumes (through the nose I might add).

One the way home, I was so uncomfortable with these costume choices I was literally squirming in my seat. I told the kids I really didn't like how violent the costumes were, and Lucas said, 'Mom, do you miss the days when I dressed up as a cute caterpillar?' How did he know me so well?? Scary kid.

I of course denied that I still wanted my kids to be cuddly at Halloween, but I did make a proclamation: I will never again pay for violent Halloween costumes. I may not be able to control how you want to represent yourself, but I can sure as heck not contribute to it financially.

Coram took it in stride (after all, he was spider man last year, complete with stuffing-filled biceps – nothing scary about that!). Lucas protested and tried to tell me he was getting OLDER now and that his friends would think he was a dork if he didn't have a cute costume. But I held firm. I will never buy them costumes or costume parts for violent, scary costumes again.

Lucas then stated that he would just wear his Jason costume every year then. Because, after all, being a killer is cool.



jeff said...

Halloween costumes are just starting to boom here in our area and i really think its fun. Especially the parties i can attend with friends... My cousin's birthday is on Nov. 1 and we dont usually celebrate his birthday before... But lately we started Halloween party on his birthday with all the spooky costumes. Even my dog have wears spooky costumes every Halloween now... lol

Matthew Anton said...

I can understand your concern but it is a time of make-believe and role playing. I went as a werewolf and freddy kugar (spelling?) ;) one year and I'm not a murderer hehe. Kids go through phases and experimentation. I'm glad you didn't force anything but rather gave your advice.

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Héctor Nicolás said...

All about Halloween is really fun for me and my best two friends Alfred and Nicky. We sleep the whole day before Halloween, because the authentic fun is at midnight and we need plenty all our available energies. If you use any evil-costume for impress to everybody, that’s fine, but the significant thing is to share the spirit of the night; the Halloween’s night.

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Mothers Blog said...

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Anonymous said...

Allowing one's kids to choose their own Halloween costumes usually ends up like this, strangely. It seems to be in kid DNA to annoy their parents with what they choose. Still, I have to believe there's a happy medium. This year, for example, boys would look just fine in the eyes of their peers dressing up as Iron man or Hulk, or even their favorite armored video game character. No fake blood necessary!

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As long as kids dress up and pretend, that's fine. If they act out by doing terrible things, that's not okay.

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