Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I have been so deep in the trenches here, that I forget what day it is. Yesterday I missed my regular Tuesday appointment. When my doc called, my frist though was, 'Why is he calling me today? Could he be cancelling this week's appointment?' Then I realized the appointment was meant to start a half an hour earlier. Sigh.

Coram is doing a bit better this week at school. They have moved him into the 'multi-purpose room' which is, essentially, a classroom that no one is using that has been set up for various other purposes – like small, pull out classes, etc. Coram and his SEA are in there for his day, and he goes out to integrate with the class periodically.

I'm not sure how I feel about this solution. Certainly, it allows Coram to relax, and not be so overwhelmed with the sheer number of people in the class. Also, it is better than moving him to another school so soon. However, I am sure he must feel kind of lonely and awkward in there.

Last week was a nightmare. Our of the 5 days, Coram managed to make it through one without me being called several times. I was feeling so helpless about it all. I met with the school principal, the resource teacher, and a fellow from the school board. They seemed to really be pushing for Coram to be moved on to another school, and I was pushing for the opposite.

See, Coram was not ready to move to this school. I knew that last spring. But, I was given no choice, and so we embraced what we could not change. We spent the summer getting him used to the idea of going there, and got him hooked in to the local community, encouraging new friendships, etc. Now, two and a half weeks in to the new year, they want to yank him away from all of that? It just seems to me to be not in his best interests to do so.

The principal believe that any initial upheaval in response to Coram being moved will settle, and that the year would ultimately be better if he were in a smaller class room better suited to his needs. I am not sure. I think he will settle where he is, when given enough time.

For now, there simply is nowhere for the school to move him to. They are looking to the school board to bend some placement rules, but so far the school board isn't doing so. They have offered to send in a behaviour specialist, but that is it so far. I tend to agree with the school board. We need to have completely exhausted all efforts before we move Coram through yet another school.

This fight – to keep Coram in school, to maintain co-operation with the teachers and the administration while still maintaining a working relationship with them, to complete my weekly work before 12:30 daily, and keep a smiling face through all of it so Coram doesn't react to my anxiety – is so much harder than I ever thought parenting would be.


coated said...

I do feel the struggle you are facing in terms of what decision to make for Coram. Obviously you want to make the best decision in Coram's interest.

I hope all goes well for you and that you can get it sorted out to your favour.


Mike C said...

Sounds like things are pretty rough for you lately

Jewel said...

Yah they have been rough. I decided to write my latest post about something completely unrelated, since I get so bogged down with all this stuff.