Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Family Adventuring

These past two weeks having involved a LOT of driving. I have driven to Mission three times with a fourth one on the way! Not that Mission is far, but it is about two hours, and in a hot car, it seems like it;s far.

One thing Steve and I have agreed on though, is there is something about driving on the highway, with trees on either side, on a sunny day. Windows down, music blaring, sunglasses on, you just feel alive.

So we though we might try an actual family adventure for the September long weekend. None of this driving has been for an actual family adventure, you see. We drove Lucas to camp, picked him up, drove Coram to camp, and I will be picking him up on Friday. I also drove to Whistler for a small contract job. Lots of driving, no family fun.

We debated camping, but aren't sure if that's really our 'thing'. We might look into a hotel, maybe using Hotel Reservations. This site will do your comparison shopping for you, and actually guarantee you the lowest price around. Once you book and pay for your rooms with them, the guarantee becomes effective. If you find a lower price, that can be booked under the exact same circumstances (time, days, etc) they will give you a $100 rebate. That inspires a lot of confidence.

We were talking about maybe going to Pemberton or somewhere in that area. It's beautiful and remote, and a change of scenery, yet not too long of a drive. Hotel reservations has a listing there for a hotel there, that sounds wonderful. I'm going to have to keep looking and see what treats I can find on their site. Maybe we can even find some reasonable transportation up there, so neither of us has to drive.

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