Monday, August 27, 2007

Dr. Sunny Bear

We went to see Lucas's psychologist one last time last week. She really feels he has made some successful strides in th work we are doing, and that it is all about practice and repetition now. She does not feel she has anything else she needs to teach us, we just need to practice what we have learned.

I feel a bit overwhelmed. I liked having someone I could go over things with, and Lucas often would respond quite differently to the psychologist than to me. His reaction to me is to get emotional – his reaction to them was to think things through. So I feel a bit at a loss without that impartial help.

The psychologist said she doesn't want to create a need, or imply a need, where sh really doesn't think there is one. She wants Lucas to feel the success, and not feel like he will always need help. I can see the value in that. So I am going with it. She did say she'd keep the file open for a bit so we could go back if needed.

On the way out, we saw a life sized Sunny Bear. Lucas has two different sizes of stuffed Sunny Bear, and he adores them both. So, we were very happy to get a picture of him with Sunny Bear. Apparently Sunny Bear is a doctor now – good job for him for doing all that school ;)