Friday, August 31, 2007

Bang Bang Bang!

We are really seeing summer out with a bang this year. Last night, we went to a Canadians baseball game, courtesy of The Zajac Ranch and BC Hydro.

The night started off great. The stands were packed, which meant every great hit or catch was greeted with whistles and cheers from the crowd. It's so easy to get caught up in the excitement when there is such an excited crowd.

Steve was pretty good at catching treats sent into the crowd, too. We got a squishy baseball head, a squishy toy car, and a bottle of hand sanitizer (haha). He ever caught one extra and gave it to the guy sitting behind us. The kids were on top of the world, having a dad who could catch so much.

We chose the night of the firework extravaganza, and it was truly magical. I must say, they put on a really nice display. All the lights go down, the music comes up, and the display begins. They had fireworks from the ground, ones that shot high into the sky, and even some along the side wall of the field. It was wonderful. It was like we had been transported inother world.

I will never forget the look on Lucas's face. He had been bugging me to take him home toward the end of the game, as he was getting bored. But I insisted we wait for the fireworks, and I am so glad we did. He got this sort of half stunned awe struck expression in his eyes, and his smile was one of the biggest I had seen. He absolutely loved it.

Coram had fallen asleep toward the end of the game, but woke up when the fireworks started to be really loud. He sat there, blinking sleep from his eyes, watching the lights in the sky. I am so glad he got to see some of them.

So, a heartfelt thank you to BC Hydro for donating those tickets to Zajac Ranch, and to Zajac Ranch for passing them on to us. It was a huge treat for all of us, and is a memory we will cherish forever.


Louiss said...

Its really a good memory to view the nice scenery in the air. Luckily you have waited to finish the baseball game before going back home.

Hoto said...

this looks like a great fireworks.

Education Blogger said...

Getting to see fireworks was one of my favorite childhood memories. I'm sure they will remember that for years to come! :)

Mobile Phone Dog said...

Very fun fireworks! I wish I didn't have to wait all the way until next summer to see some more!

Satellite tv said...

Wow that's very wonderful.
Can't wait to see those fireworks on new year's eve! ^_^

MC said...

Looks like a really good time and a great fireworks display, glad you got to enjoy this.

Thaidarling said...

Beautiful fireworks, I do not get to see them often but they amaze me. Love your blog and thanks for the dofollow