Friday, August 03, 2007

All's Quiet (For Now)

Lucas is off to camp this week, so things around here are pretty low key, which is kind of nice. Not that I don't adore him, but Lucas is a fireball of energy that I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with.

What I don't miss is the nightly vomiting. I explained it all to the camp, and they agreed it didn't seem like anything contagious. And since they are a camp designed for special needs, the extra attention he might need should he have a middle of the night vomit did not cause Zajac Ranch to ask Lucas not to come to camp. We were all relieved. Lucas was desperate that he might miss his 'last chance to go to Zajac this year'.

Coram really misses his brother, though. He doesn't say it, but you can tell because his behaviour changes so much. He is clingier and needier than ever. This morning, he almost didn't stay at Kidsafe, for the first time this summer. Last year every day it was a struggled to get him to stay, but this year he has liked it up until this week. I think it just doesn't feel the same there for him without his brother.

Next week, Steve and Lucas go up to Edgewood, and Coram goes to Zajac for the ASD week. This is his first time there, and none of us are really sure how it will go. He keeps insisting he's not going, then saying he wants to go, and back and forth like that. That's a pretty good clue that he is feeling anxious about it. I hope he does go, though, because I think he will grow a great deal from it.

If they all go, I'll be here on my own next week. I was planning to try to get some painting done, but we'll see how busy I am otherwise.


Jack said...

It's nice to have some peace and quiet to help you get your batteries recharged.