Friday, August 31, 2007

Bang Bang Bang!

We are really seeing summer out with a bang this year. Last night, we went to a Canadians baseball game, courtesy of The Zajac Ranch and BC Hydro.

The night started off great. The stands were packed, which meant every great hit or catch was greeted with whistles and cheers from the crowd. It's so easy to get caught up in the excitement when there is such an excited crowd.

Steve was pretty good at catching treats sent into the crowd, too. We got a squishy baseball head, a squishy toy car, and a bottle of hand sanitizer (haha). He ever caught one extra and gave it to the guy sitting behind us. The kids were on top of the world, having a dad who could catch so much.

We chose the night of the firework extravaganza, and it was truly magical. I must say, they put on a really nice display. All the lights go down, the music comes up, and the display begins. They had fireworks from the ground, ones that shot high into the sky, and even some along the side wall of the field. It was wonderful. It was like we had been transported inother world.

I will never forget the look on Lucas's face. He had been bugging me to take him home toward the end of the game, as he was getting bored. But I insisted we wait for the fireworks, and I am so glad we did. He got this sort of half stunned awe struck expression in his eyes, and his smile was one of the biggest I had seen. He absolutely loved it.

Coram had fallen asleep toward the end of the game, but woke up when the fireworks started to be really loud. He sat there, blinking sleep from his eyes, watching the lights in the sky. I am so glad he got to see some of them.

So, a heartfelt thank you to BC Hydro for donating those tickets to Zajac Ranch, and to Zajac Ranch for passing them on to us. It was a huge treat for all of us, and is a memory we will cherish forever.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Dr. Sunny Bear

We went to see Lucas's psychologist one last time last week. She really feels he has made some successful strides in th work we are doing, and that it is all about practice and repetition now. She does not feel she has anything else she needs to teach us, we just need to practice what we have learned.

I feel a bit overwhelmed. I liked having someone I could go over things with, and Lucas often would respond quite differently to the psychologist than to me. His reaction to me is to get emotional – his reaction to them was to think things through. So I feel a bit at a loss without that impartial help.

The psychologist said she doesn't want to create a need, or imply a need, where sh really doesn't think there is one. She wants Lucas to feel the success, and not feel like he will always need help. I can see the value in that. So I am going with it. She did say she'd keep the file open for a bit so we could go back if needed.

On the way out, we saw a life sized Sunny Bear. Lucas has two different sizes of stuffed Sunny Bear, and he adores them both. So, we were very happy to get a picture of him with Sunny Bear. Apparently Sunny Bear is a doctor now – good job for him for doing all that school ;)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An Online reality Show (A New Addiction)

I am such a reality show addict. I truly am. I used to be ashamed to admit it, but not anymore. I am addicted to very few things: chocolate, my boys, and reality shows. In the grand list of possible vices I think I am doing pretty OK.

I also do some internet marketing. Which isn't exactly an addiction, though some times it seems that it could be vying for a spot up there with the other three. Certainly I spend a lot of time online.

So I'm not sure how good it is for me that there is a new reality show starting online, The Next Internet Millionaire. It follows twelve hopefuls as they compete for a cash price and a joint venture, while learning the ropes of online business and online marketing.

I think I could learn some things by watching this, in addition to feeding my addiction. I'd also like to know how I can compete on the next series. I think I could give the other competitors a run for their money.

This is a sponsored post.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

What A Week

This picture is Lucas' self portrait, done at an Arts Umbrella workshop that he later decided was actually a picture of Coram.

Lucas has had an amazing week. They have had a field trip every day. I already mentioned The Armoury. He also has been to the Art Gallery, Granville Island water park and also they did a workshop at Arts Umbrella the same day. Then they went to Stanley park, and on Friday The Planetarium, where they got to watch the laser show. It was pretty amazing. He still has a week left to go. I can't imagine where they will take him adventuring!

Every other day camp either boy has been in has done one or two filed trips a week. A filed trip every day is just amazing.

Coram has been enjoying being back at Kidsafe. He has a couple of really good friends there. Today he asked me if I know what 'BFF' means. And, it means 'best friends forever'. He officially has two BFFs. Heh.

This picture is Lucas' self portrait, done at an Arts Umbrella workshop that he later decided was actually a picture of Coram.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Craziness Returns

Well, both boys are back from camp, and Lucas and Steve have been and gone to the grandparents in Edgewood. I had a week to myself in there somewhere, but was too busy with work to notice it much. And I had some really cool plans, too ... but nothing happened.

Lucas has started his two week camp at the Sarah McLachlan Music Outreach Program. He is being oddly ambivalent about it. I think it's mostly because he doesn't know anyone there. Steve would happily trade places with him, as they are doing cool things like visiting Armoury Recording Studios, which most people will never, ever get the chance to see.

Coram has returned to Kids Safe day camp, and has informed me that he likes it better there because he is allowed to have as much milk as he wants with lunch. Here, we limit him to one glass because he will happily fill up on milk and not eat anything else.

I have began work with, which I am super excited about. It keeps me even more busy than I already was, but I seem to like it that way.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Family Adventuring

These past two weeks having involved a LOT of driving. I have driven to Mission three times with a fourth one on the way! Not that Mission is far, but it is about two hours, and in a hot car, it seems like it;s far.

One thing Steve and I have agreed on though, is there is something about driving on the highway, with trees on either side, on a sunny day. Windows down, music blaring, sunglasses on, you just feel alive.

So we though we might try an actual family adventure for the September long weekend. None of this driving has been for an actual family adventure, you see. We drove Lucas to camp, picked him up, drove Coram to camp, and I will be picking him up on Friday. I also drove to Whistler for a small contract job. Lots of driving, no family fun.

We debated camping, but aren't sure if that's really our 'thing'. We might look into a hotel, maybe using Hotel Reservations. This site will do your comparison shopping for you, and actually guarantee you the lowest price around. Once you book and pay for your rooms with them, the guarantee becomes effective. If you find a lower price, that can be booked under the exact same circumstances (time, days, etc) they will give you a $100 rebate. That inspires a lot of confidence.

We were talking about maybe going to Pemberton or somewhere in that area. It's beautiful and remote, and a change of scenery, yet not too long of a drive. Hotel reservations has a listing there for a hotel there, that sounds wonderful. I'm going to have to keep looking and see what treats I can find on their site. Maybe we can even find some reasonable transportation up there, so neither of us has to drive.

This is a sponsored post.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Possible Insight

The other day, Coram was being particularly nasty to me about my voice. He was playing his gameboy, and every time I spoke, he would shout at me to shut up. He said I was making him lose. No matter how quiet I was, even a whisper, he would shout.

The odd thing was, Steve's voice did not cause the same reaction. For some reason, Steve could talk without distracting Coram.

I began to think about why Steve's voice and my voice would cause such a different reaction from Coram. I decided it was not likely anything to do with the actual tone of my voice, but something else. Something cause Coram to be distracted when I spoke. Something made him need to attend to me when I spoke, but not Steve.

I decided to try an experiment. I thought maybe Coram was compelled to attend to my voice because of some need for me. That maybe, even though he was playing gameboy and effectively ignoring me, he actually really needed to connect with me on some deep level, which is why he was driven to attend my voice even if he really didn't want to.

I went to him, took his game from him, and hugged him. At first he screamed at me. He said he hated me, and wanted his game back. I just held him. He kept repeating that he hated me, again and again. I kept holding on. Eventually, he relaxed into the hug. He started playing with my hair, and stopped screaming. We sat like that for a while, quietly, him melted into my hug. Then, he looked at me and calmly asked if he could play gameboy again.

I didn't get shouted at again for my voice all night.

Yesterday I read some more of Nobody Nowhere, which is a truly amazing book of discovery written by a woman who is, herself, Autistic. She speaks a lot about her terror of being close to people, of needing people. She would behave in all sorts of bizarre ways when faced with her need of others.

It made me think that maybe the other day I was on the right track. Coram needs me, desperately, and is hates how much he needs me. Thus, the sound of my voice can send him into a range.

This is all conjecture, of course. But I know now that next time he is screaming that he hates me and needs me to shut up, I'll go and give him a hug.

Friday, August 03, 2007

All's Quiet (For Now)

Lucas is off to camp this week, so things around here are pretty low key, which is kind of nice. Not that I don't adore him, but Lucas is a fireball of energy that I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with.

What I don't miss is the nightly vomiting. I explained it all to the camp, and they agreed it didn't seem like anything contagious. And since they are a camp designed for special needs, the extra attention he might need should he have a middle of the night vomit did not cause Zajac Ranch to ask Lucas not to come to camp. We were all relieved. Lucas was desperate that he might miss his 'last chance to go to Zajac this year'.

Coram really misses his brother, though. He doesn't say it, but you can tell because his behaviour changes so much. He is clingier and needier than ever. This morning, he almost didn't stay at Kidsafe, for the first time this summer. Last year every day it was a struggled to get him to stay, but this year he has liked it up until this week. I think it just doesn't feel the same there for him without his brother.

Next week, Steve and Lucas go up to Edgewood, and Coram goes to Zajac for the ASD week. This is his first time there, and none of us are really sure how it will go. He keeps insisting he's not going, then saying he wants to go, and back and forth like that. That's a pretty good clue that he is feeling anxious about it. I hope he does go, though, because I think he will grow a great deal from it.

If they all go, I'll be here on my own next week. I was planning to try to get some painting done, but we'll see how busy I am otherwise.

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