Friday, July 06, 2007

What Exactly Are These Sponsored Posts?

My loyal readers may have noticed a recent addition to my blog. They are posts labelled as 'sponsored', and they usually don't relate to the day to day life of me and the family.

So what are these posts? They are paid assignments, that I have gotten through Pay Per Post, one of the first companies ever to offer ads on blogs.

In the short time since I joined Pay Per post, I have made a cool $55. I think this is a pretty sweet deal, considering my AdSense has made me all of $12 in a year (and no, AdSense people, that was NOT a request for people to click my ads).

Pay Per Post currently has over 60 opportunities for approved bloggers to earn from posting to their blog. But if you want to do this, I highly recommend logging in several times a day, because the really high paying opportunities go fast.

So far, I have been accumulating my funds in Paypal, waiting for the day when we need some emergency funds. We all know those days come (like when my car became a special needs car and I had to buy a BCAA membership on the spot...ahh, memories).

If you have a blog, you can join too. In fact, you can review my post by clicking the link below, and start your earnings off with a $7.50 kick. So, why not?