Friday, July 27, 2007

The Logistics of The Loft Bed

Several years ago, we decided to get the boys Loft Beds, so that they could use the space underneath to play. We envisioned them making forts underneath, and having lots of extra floor space to play because the bed wasn't taking up most of it.

For the most part, this was true. Coram never got his loft bed, because with some gross and fine motor issues, the doctor recommended against it. However, Lucas has one, and the boys have done some really neat things under it. They have created forts with blankets draped all over, and have use it as a 'stage' with curtains draped on either side. They even made a three storey fort with a basement and an attic!

Sampson, the worlds most docile cat, is often hauledd into these forts and made to 'sleep' in the basement. I would feel sorry for him, but he is such a suck he just loves the attention.

Currently, Lucas has a world of stuffed animals under his loft bed. Or should I say, he DID have one.

You see, one place where loft beds really let you down is when you need to get off of them in an urgent situation. Like, say, when you need to vomit.

Yes, it's true, the vomit-fest continues. We thought it was over, with a two day reprieve, but last night at 3 am we heard 'I VOMITED!' from Lucas' room. Poor little guy didn't have a chance to get out of bed.

And the blankets, mattress, pillow, wall, and stuffiest below the bed didn't have a chance either.

I spent an hour bagging up, sorting between what can be washed and what is just not savable. Happily, most of it can be washed. Lucas is very attached to his stuffed animals, and was very distraught at the idea of losing many of them.

Not so happily, the dryer is still not working.


Bryan @ One Man's Goal said...

I've got a 5 year old that would probably love a loft bed.

Had never really thought of it until this point. But you make valid arguments for it as he has a smaller room.

Good post!