Monday, July 23, 2007

Life Without a Dryer

OK, so we all know I am trying to reduce my impact on the environment. And since I have read what a huge energy drain the clothes dryer is, you'd think I would be more interested in trying life without one.

You see, our dryer broke. Two days ago. While I was at work. I guess we should have seen it coming, because the timer has been broken for some time. We could start the dryer, get distracted, and four hours later it would still be running. We would have some slightly singed clothing, but all else seemed OK. In retrospect, the motor was probably working overtime because the timer wasn't giving it a break, and we weren't remembering to do it ourselves.

The landlord came by and pronounced it officially dead. He said he would have to get a new one, and it would take a few days. How can we complain, really? This is no small investment, and it certainly isn't something we can demand he do RIGHT NOW.

So, we figured we'd be hanging our clothes to dry for a while. After all, it's better for the environment, right?

Of course, it would help if it wasn't raining, and we could use the line to dry clothes. Draping wet clothing all over the house, when it's already hot and muggy, is no fun.

And then of course there;'s the fact the Lucas is vomiting. All over everything. And I mean everything. He says that even though there is a bowl and a bucket by the couch, he feels paralysed and can't move to vomit into them. So, he vomits wherever. And everywhere.

Pretty much every piece of bedding is 'in the wash'. Which, for the time being, means in a garbage bag. The worse of it I am trying to actually wash and hang to dry – because the idea of having vomit on things sitting in a plastic bag for an indefinite amount of time is pretty unappealing. So I am washing and hanging what I can. But there is just no way I can catch up. It takes too long for things to dry and they are getting dirty too fast.

So, for now, this experiment in reduced environmental impact through life without a dryer has gone bust.


Chamonix said...

Our dryer broke at the end of the winter season and, expecting a warm summer, thought I could put off buying one until next winter. Who was to know this would be the wettest English summer on record.

- Spaceman Spiff - said...

Growing up, my parents banned the use of the dryer in the summertime. We had to take EVERYTHING outside and put it on the clothesline. It was a pain in the ass. And since I was too young for them to reveal exactly how much this helped their pocketbook, I don't know how much of an impact this had.

Now, we don't have a clothesline. I guess they have said a big "SCREW IT!!"

Jewel said...

Chamoniz - it's been a pretty horrible, wet summer here, too. Muggy and damp even inside - doesn't lend too well to drying clothes. And we are styll without a dryer.

Spiff - I have a friend who does this - all summer things go on the line. I don't like the way clothes feel when line dried - they are stiff and yuck. I guess I'm dryer-spoiled

Bryan @ One Man's Goal said...

Sorry your experiment didn't work out.

I couldn't imagine life without a dryer. I am waaaaay too reliant on my appliances.

Kersson said...

We live with a lot of electrical appliances everywhere. We are used to sit on the sofa and turn on TV. We are used to take a shower and dry our hair. As soon as one of these machines is broken, our lives become more difficult. In short, we are not able to live without technology.