Friday, July 20, 2007

Almost Braced

Last week we started the whole process of getting Lucas's two front teeth braced, so they can be straightened out. Interestingly, because of the shape of his mouth and the fact that they only want to brace two teeth, the orthodontist said she could only do it by affixing a retainer into the roof of his mouth to hook the braces to.

I'm no orthodontist, but I have my suspicions if this was just a 'trick' to get Lucas to agree to having the same kind of expander in his mouth that we tried last summer. Who knows.

Whatever the intension, it was with trepidation that I booked the three appointments for Lucas to have separators put in, followed by impressions of his mouth one week later, and then to have the retainer inserted. I wasn't going to not try, but I definitely felt that it could go badly, like last time.

Yesterday was 'the big day'. Everything was ready, and Lucas had his appointment to have the retainer inserted. At the recommendation of the office staff, I left for Starbucks and Lucas went in by himself. They told me to come back in about 45 minutes. I left my cell phone number in case anything went wrong, and left.

So when the phone rang 25 minutes later, my heart sank. I was pretty sure they were going to tell me he was refusing to lie down or something like that. After all., that's what he did last time.

Instead, they were calling to tell me he was done! And that he had done great! What a relief!

So now, Lucas has this crazy contraption in the roof of his mouth. They haven't added the braces yet, because they want to give him time to get used to the expander before they start moving teeth. He is having some iissues with drooling, and has to relearn to say some sounds, but otherwise he is doing great.

I am so proud. I know that part of it is that it is a year later and he's more mature, but part of it is Lucas working on dealing with anxiety. He did relaxation techniques in the waiting room, and talked a lot about how things were going to be fine. He really handled it well.

So, of course, we made a quick trip to EB games after for him to choose a rewards. Go Lucas!


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