Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Adventure On The High Seas

Well Ok I'm not sure if the Pacific Ocean counts as the 'high seas' but it sounded good. And it wasn't me having the adventure, it was the boys.

Some good friends of ours have been living in Paraguay for the last year. They are back, but are staying in Victoria until their apartment is ready in August. So, they invited the kids over there for the night. Steve and I were worried, at first, that our friends didn't know what they were getting themselves into with Coram. And that Coram didn't know what he was getting himself into, either. However, our friends reminded us that they have known Coram for a long time, and have taken care of him many times, and they felt they had a good idea of what he was about. Coram really wanted to go, and I really wanted him to have the chance to go and be successful with it, so we agreed.

It was really nice to have a night off, although it was a Monday night, so we didn't party or anything. I'm not sure we even remember how, to be honest. We did go for a nice dinner, and it was nice not to have any bedtime conflicts to resolve and no 8 year old climbing into the bed at 2 am.

The boys had a fantastic time. Coram had no issues at ALL. I had wondered if he might change his mind at the last minute, but her literally just waved, said 'Bye Mom' and ran off onto the ferry with our friends. Apparently he ate a new food, and bedtime was a breeze.

When then got home the next day, both boys were sad and wanted to go back to Victoria. Coram cried himself to sleep, begging me to call them the next day and ask if he could go back. So much for my thinking he might have a hard time being away from home.


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