Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wrapped Around Their Fingers

What makes you weak at the knees? If you have a good, crooning singing voice, and can write meaningful music, I am yours. Which is why The Police have me completely wrapped around their fingers. Too bad I didn't get my fingers wrapped around any of their concert tickets:(

I'm not sure the details, but I seem to remember that concert sold out in record time. And why wouldn't it? The Police appeal across so many generations. Their music is timeless, really. And I don't doubt fans are hoping that Sting will do some of his independent stuff, too. I'm not sure what the 'ethics' are surrounding playing independent material when your band reunites, but I think that with the band together they could do some really good takes on some of Sting's stuff. Oh, to be a fly on the wall, or better yet, a person on a seat (or off it, dancing the night away).

I'll have to make do with playing a CD really loud and dancing around my living room.

To cheer me up, there is a new double disk compilation Police CD. It came out on June 5, and includes a wicked-cool vintage Police poster. Here's the track listing:

Disc 01
01 Fall Out
02 Can't Stand Losing You
03 Next To You
04 Roxanne
05 Truth Hits Everybody
06 Hole In My Life
07 So Lonely
08 Message In A Bottle
09 Reggatta de Blanc
10 Bring On The Night
11 Walking On The Moon
12 The Bed's Too Big Without You
13 Don't Stand So Close To Me
14 Driven To Tears
15 Canary In A Coalmine
Disc 02
01 De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
02 Voices Inside My Head
03 Invisible Sun
04 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
05 Spirits In The Material World
06 Demolition Man
07 Rehumanize Yourself
08 Every Breath You Take
09 Synchronicity I
10 Wrapped Around Your Finger
11 Walking In Your Footsteps
12 Synchronicity II
13 King Of Pain
14 Murder By Numbers
15 Tea In The Sahara

And here's a really cool television clip from the UK:

So are any of my readers fans of The Police? Was anyone lucky enough to catch concert tickets? Do tell.

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