Thursday, June 14, 2007


Apparently two support staff worker's from Coram's new school dropped by his class on Tuesday. It was his new SEA and a support teacher.

I gather that his current teachers knew about it, but neglected to tell me. I understand that they are really busy. It is the end of the year, and they have a few kids who are transitioning in to new schools. Plus, they have new kids who are going through the interview process to move into the class for next year.

Still, I am a bit annoyed that I wasn't told in advance about this visit. The teacher apologized profusely, and said she should have told me but it slipped her mind. Hey, I'm human too and we all make mistakes. But, I'm still annoyed.

I'm also annoyed that the new school has hired the SEA and sent her to meet Coram without even contacting me.

I have no idea how these things normally proceed. I have been told that the support staff is not required to go to Coram's present class, and that they did so on their own accord, which is a good sign. They met with Coram's current teachers to discuss strategies and things that work for him. I can see that if they are taking this kind of proactive role, they will likely be a good team for him.

I just don't like being left out of the loop like this. Coram's teacher sent home an, 'Oh ya, by the way...' note, indicating this might be why Coram's behaviour has been poor lately, that it might be the anxiety from the visit.

Um, yah, DUH.