Friday, June 29, 2007

Big Weekend

The July long weekend always seem to mark the beginning of summer for me. I know that the official first day was June 21, but that was in the middle of th eek, and we still had work and kids in school and all that jazz. So, school is now out, I feel like summer has 'begun'.

Of course the July long weekend has multiple OTHER reason to celebrate. Namely, Canada Day (the 1st) Coram's birthday (the 2nd) and Steve's birthday (the 3rd). Add that there is an extra day off work, and we have reason to party.

This year we will probably check out the festivities at Mount Pleasant Pool. Thanks to the good people at yoyomama, we know that there will be multiple bouncy castles present, and both boys adore a good bounce in a castle. We are also looking at having a barbecue with Steve's family on Sunday evening, provided our propane doesn't run out.

I haven't checked the weather report, but I am assuming it will be more of what it has been: rain, thunder, maybe even some hail. Business as usual, right? And you thought global warming was a myth.