Sunday, June 24, 2007

Did You Notice the Mohawk?

If you look through some of my blog photos, you'll notice that the kids had pretty long hair. I wasn't allowed to cut it. Now, before you do the whole 'Who is the parent?' routine on me, let me just say, I choose my battles, and the hair one wasn't worth fighting.

So, with the onset of summer, and a recurring lice issue at school, I really, really wanted the kids to get short hair. So, I bought some clippers, and put an offer on the table: ten dollars for each boy who let me shave his head.

Lucas, being the wheeler and dealer he is, quickly countered with fifteen dollars. Honestly, I was expecting a big protest and refusal to cut the hair, so I jumped at the $15 offer. And off we went.

Lucas asked if he could have a mohawk, so I said we'd do one, and see how we all liked it. We could buzz it off afterwards if need be. You can see from the picture of me, Lucas, Coram, and Maya, that we opted to keep the mohawk. We all think it goes well with his feisty, mischievous character.

Coram has a little bit of a fringe on his bangs, and Steve just got completely buzz. All three boys seem to like having less hair to take care of.