Friday, March 30, 2007

Surgery Progress Pictures

In the waiting room, before surgery, Lucas happily played Nintendo Game Cube. He was relaxed and happy right up until needle time.

Pay attention to how narrow his chin and cheeks are so you have a frame of reference for the swelling later.

This is right after he had been moved into his room after surgery. The pink tape on his cheeks was to protect his skin from the medical tape holding the gauze on. The gauze was to absorb the continuous oozing from his nose. There was no actual work done on his lip.

There was an ice pack in a sock-like tube, tied around his head, that was just under his chin. The surgeon warned us that the swelling could be quite severe, and said that the more icing we could do, the better.

Lucas was quite sore, groggy, and generally uncomfortable. He didn't want to move his mouth at all. I gave him water and juice through a syringe for the first day and a half. He slowly took more control over feeding himself on the second day.

This is the first night in the hospital. the new nurse used a different kind of ice pack. Lucas slept well that night, waking for pain meds and drinks, but able to go back to sleep again.

This is the morning after surgery. Lucas was still groggy, and refused to move. He was happy that there was an X-Box that he could use in his room.

This is day four. His nose was no longer continually oozing, so he stopped needing gauze under it. He wasn't ready to peel the orange tape off of his nose though. You can see a great deal of welling, under his eyes and through his cheeks.

This picture is from the same day. Lucas really likes it and wanted it to be included in the blog. He got a 3D book as a prize and loved it. You can see the swelling a bit in the bottom of his jaw (which is usually very sharp and skinny).

Here we are on day five! Lucas took the orange tape off of his cheeks, though it did leave some rough patches. You can see the black eyes and the bruising, but the swelling is starting to come down. He is starting to have his little pointy chin back. Lucas misses his 'cute puffy cheeks' and wants to get them back one day.