Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rough Night, OK Day

Last night was kind of a rough night. Lucas said his hands felt like they had hair on them, and I have no idea what that meant except that maybe it was something to do with his meds. At any rate, it really upset him and kept him awake even though he was desperately tired and grumpy. We finally moved him to the big easy chair, where he was more upright, and he went right to sleep.

We woke him twice for medicine, and he was really upset. He even cursed at me for waking him up in the middle of the night. The second time, he took he antibiotics but flat out refused his pain meds. After ten minutes of trying to convince him, I gave in. He slept OK the rest of the night, but was a major grump in the morning. We finally hid some meds in a chocolate milk shake, and he didn’t notice. We did that three more times during the course of the day.

Steve’s sister came by again. She did some dishes for us, bless her, and visited with Lucas for a while. Lucas actually walked himself the bathroom and back, which we were all so happy to see. He even made a joke about being like a character on the Adam’s Family, with his funny limp. He sat on the living room floor for quite some time and built with Lego. The surgeon said the more upright the better – so even sitting on the floor is better than lying down. So we were happy to see him playing on the floor.

There’s a fair amount of swelling around Lucas’s jaw and cheeks, and he looks like he has two black eyes. The surgeon warned us of this, though, so we aren’t concerned. We also got to move Lucas away from clear fluids today, so he had all sorts of things blended up in the blender – soups, and pasta, and lots of fruit smoothies and milk shakes. There is definitely no problem with his appetite or fluid intake.

At bedtime, Lucas made me promise him I would not wake him up for any kind of medicines. He wants to sleep all night. I’m going try to post some pictures tomorrow.