Saturday, March 24, 2007


We are home. We got to come home earlier today, and have been spending the day settling in.

Lucas had a decent night. He was awake several times, asking for drinks, to use the washroom, and to get meds, but he never stayed awake very long. He didn’t seem to be very uncomfortable. There was an order for morphine as needed, but he didn’t need it, for which I am very glad. We managed the night on just Tylenol. He had one big vomit, of all the blood he had swallowed, and then his tummy was fine.

I tried to get Lucas to put weight on his leg this morning. He was completely against it. He had heard from the doctor twice that he needs to bear weight on it, but he said it hurts too much. I did get him up for about 30 seconds. The doctor said that even sitting is better than lying down, so we have him propped almost completely upright on the couch.

Fluids haven’t been an issue. Lucas is taking lots in, and keeping it down. His face has some swelling, and he looks a bit like he has two black eyes, but there doesn’t seem to be any pain associate with the swelling. His mouth and his hip are hurting him, but that is managed with Advil and Tylenol.

We have a very strict cleaning regimen, involving swishing with sale water after everything non-water that he consumes, swishing with an antibacterial mouthwash three times a day, and brushing three times a day. Lucas isn’t really enjoying any of that, but we just remind him that it is vital to the success of the graft, and he complies.

We had some more family visits today – Steve’s sister spent a couple of house with us and came bearing [ails of ice cream. Steve’s aunt and uncle brought us home-cooked dinner, and minigo for Lucas. He enjoyed their visits immensely, especially trying to get his auntie to build Lego.

He is once again resting comfortably, and it seems like the night will go smoothly.